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 Graphite laboratory & consulting


The NGS graphite laboratory offers a wide range of services

The quality of graphite needs permanent control. The test results are requested to be at hand as quick as possible because we all work under time pressure. The examinations have to be carried out by experts to get meaningful and trustworthy results. This is the reason why we started our own graphite lab for our quality control and as a support for our graphite projects. This graphite lab is open for our customers as well.




9. Graphite Lab Service for Graphite Producers, Dealers, and Consumers

• Examination and evaluation of graphite grades and graphite ores


• Improvement of graphite processing at existing plants:


  - Beneficiation

     many flotation plants destroy the flakes


  - High purification by flotation

     to achieve high carbon contents by flotation


  - High purification of graphite

     by various chemical methods


  - Improvements for drying, screening, packing, and dedusting


  - Micronising of graphite

     dry and in liquids


  - Expandable graphite

     to find or develop the best suitable type for special applications


• Development of new technology

    for the production and handling of graphite


• Improvement of working and environmental conditions

    when processing graphite


10. Consulting Service for Graphite Producers, Dealers and Consumers

Graphite producers


• Prospecting, lab work, calculating and evaluating of graphite ore bodies


• Design and lay out of graphite mines


• To find out best possible applications for special types of graphite


• Marketing studies for graphite with special properties


• Feasibility studies, project planning, treatment and implementation


• Special projects for the improvement of operating plants


• Special projects for high purification and micronising of graphite


• Special projects for expandable graphite and graphite foil


• To prevent damage of flakes, to achieve high utilisation of processing capacity


• To achieve little wear of equipment, loss of graphite, and low cost of operation


• Elaboration of tender specifications, bid evaluation, inspections, and start up


• Effective control systems for production, cost, and quality


•  Effective organisation and training, motivation and cost saving programs


Graphite Dealers and Graphite Consumers


• Lab work and evaluation of graphite types and grades


• Research for suitable applications for special types of graphite


• Research for suitable types of graphite for special applications




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