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 Graphite - Sales


Graphite - Sales and service program

1. Flake Graphite

1.1  Micronised Powders

down to particle sizes of about 50 % < 2 µm  (traditional testing)


1.2  Nanograpphite and platelets

with particle size D(50)  160 nm


1.3  Spherical or “potato shape” graphite

with high bulk density and high purity


1.4  Extremely large flakes

for the preparation of graphene



2. Expandable Graphite

2.1  Expanded and slightly compressed expandable graphite 



3. Graphite Foil and Graphite Sheets

3.1  Graphite Foil

coiled on rolls and as sheets


3.2  Graphite Sheets  Reinforced with Metal sheets

 tanged or glued, from 0.2 to 3 mm


3.3  Seals and Gaskets

produced according to customer’s requirements


3.4  Graphite Tapes

as rolls or bearings  produced according to customer’s requirements


3.5  Expandable Graphite Foil

without and with textile lining, adhesive or plastic lining


3.6  Graphite foil with high resistance against oxidation

and little loss of weight at high temperatures and pressure



4. Packing made of Graphite Foil

4.1  Packing

from 4 to 50 mm with and without metal wires


4.2  Pressed as Rings

with and without cut


4.3  Yarns for the Production of Packing

produced according to customer’s requirements



5. Suspensions in Water, Oil, etc…

5.1  Finest and purest Flake Graphite and Artificial Graphite

in stable suspensions


5.2  Finest and purest Flake Graphite and Artificial Graphite

in stable paste



6. Amorphous Graphite (cryptocrystalline graphite)

6.1  Micronised Graphite Powders

down to particle sizes of about 50 % < 2 µm (traditional)



7. Artificial Graphite

7.1  Electrodes

for several applications in different quality


 7.2  Blocks and Profiles

there are many special qualities for many applications


7.3  Graphite Tiles and Linings

for plants as a protection against chemical attack


7.4  Special Piece Parts

made of artificial graphite for special applications


7.5  Grains made of Clean Scrap of Electrodes for Steel Works

for carbon raising of steel


7.6  Powders made of Clean Scrap of Electrodes for Steel Works

for brake linings, plastics


7.7  Micronised Artificial Graphite Powder

for several applications



8. Special Types of Carbon

8.1  Special Types of Coke Carbon Black Coal

for special applications


8.2  Graphite Fibres and Felt

in different quality


9. Graphite Lab Service for Graphite Producers, Dealers, and Consumers

• Examination and evaluation of graphite grades and graphite ores


• Improvement of graphite processing at existing plants:


  - Beneficiation

     many flotation plants destroy the flakes


  - High purification by flotation

     to achieve high carbon contents by flotation


  - High purification of graphite

     by various chemical methods


  - Improvements for drying, screening, packing, and dedusting


  - Micronising of graphite

     dry and in liquids


  - Expandable graphite

     to find or develop the best suitable type for special applications


• Development of new technology

    for the production and handling of graphite


• Improvement of working and environmental conditions

    when processing graphite


10. Consulting Service for Graphite Producers, Dealers and Consumers

Graphite producers


• Prospecting, lab work, calculating and evaluating of graphite ore bodies


• Design and lay out of graphite mines


• To find out best possible applications for special types of graphite


• Marketing studies for graphite with special properties


• Feasibility studies, project planning, treatment and implementation


• Special projects for the improvement of operating plants


• Special projects for high purification and micronising of graphite


• Special projects for expandable graphite and graphite foil


• To prevent damage of flakes, to achieve high utilisation of processing capacity


• To achieve little wear of equipment, loss of graphite, and low cost of operation


• Elaboration of tender specifications, bid evaluation, inspections, and start up


• Effective control systems for production, cost, and quality


•  Effective organisation and training, motivation and cost saving programs


Graphite Dealers and Graphite Consumers


• Lab work and evaluation of graphite types and grades


• Research for suitable applications for special types of graphite


• Research for suitable types of graphite for special applications



Prices and samples

We do not publish catalogues and price lists. The great number of different graphite products in different quantities and conditions of shipment would bust the volume of a catalogue and would make it difficult to handle.

We decided to prepare individual offers for our clients for each single inquiry. They fit to our customers’ requirements and are easy to understand. For the preparation of our offers we ask for the following information:

  1. Type of graphite, requested specifications, dimensions, tolerances, and whatever is important for our customers. It would help us to find the best suitable grade if you would indicate the application of the inquired graphite
  2. Quantity per shipment, packing, delivery time, and delivery address

We are offering a sample service to our customers for testing of our products at a standard cost contribution and the transport fee for the parcel.


Please let us know which samples you would like to test.

Sample request via email



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