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NGS - Decades of Experience in Graphite Technology

NGS Naturgraphit GmbH was founded in 1981 and renamed NGS Trading & Consulting GmbH in 2016.

It is an independent family-owned company fully specialized in graphite. NGS coordinates a group of graphite producers, graphite experts and a distribution network worldwide.

Consulting, Analysis, Assessment, Development, Sales

We offer consulting, research and development for graphite projects and laboratory services for graphite. We have worked on many graphite projects around the world. Therefore we know the properties, advantages and disadvantages of graphite from all continents very well. As you know: There is no good or bad graphite, only well suited or unsuitable graphite for a certain purpose.

Through many years of experience, NGS has acquired a particularly thorough knowledge of graphite and its periphery. We offer you consulting for graphite projects, evaluation of graphite deposits and graphite properties, laboratory work and development of graphite technologies as well as consulting in business management questions and training for management and operating personnel.

Graphite Expertise

We can rely on a substantiated data base and on our experience and recommend the most suitable graphite for every application to our customers. We consider your special requirements regarding price, delivery reliability and quality of your products.

Prices and Samples

We do not publish catalogues and price lists. The great number of different graphite products in different quantities and conditions of shipment would bust the volume of a catalogue. We decided to prepare individual offers for our clients for each single inquiry. For the preparation of our offers we ask for the following information:

  • type of graphite, requested specifications, dimensions, tolerances
  • Quantity per shipment, packing, delivery time, and delivery address

Sample request via E-mail

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