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 NGS Graphite


NGS Naturgraphit GmbH

NGS Naturgraphit GmbH was founded in 1981 and is an independent company owned by a family. NGS is fully specialised on graphite and co-ordinates a worldwide group of graphite producers, graphite experts, and a graphite sales team.




Prices and samples

We do not publish catalogues and price lists. The great number of different graphite products in different quantities and conditions of shipment would bust the volume of a catalogue and would make it difficult to handle.

We decided to prepare individual offers for our clients for each single inquiry. They fit to our customers’ requirements and are easy to understand. For the preparation of our offers we ask for the following information:

  1. Type of graphite, requested specifications, dimensions, tolerances, and whatever is important for our customers. It would help us to find the best suitable grade if you would indicate the application of the inquired graphite
  2. Quantity per shipment, packing, delivery time, and delivery address

We are offering a sample service to our customers for testing of our products at a standard cost contribution and the transport fee for the parcel.


Please let us know which samples you would like to test.

Sample request via email


Contact address

NGS Trading & Consulting GmbH

Winner Straße 9

D-91227 Leinburg


Fon: 0049 9187 5278

Fax: 0049 9187 6130

E-Mail: ngs(at)


NGS Trading & Consulting GmbH • Winner Straße 9 • D-91227 Leinburg • Phone 0049 9187 5278 • Fax 0049 9187 6130 • E-Mail

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