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 Technology and description


Technology and description of graphite

Graphite and carbon products

NGS is specialised on graphite. We are offering Consulting, Research & Development Work and Graphite Laboratory Service for our customers. We contributed to most of graphite projects in the world. Therefore, we know very well the properties, advantages and disadvantages of graphite from all continents.


Open cast mine in China                                             Trench in graphite ore in Turkey

Based on our experience and files we recommend the best suitable graphite for our customers’ applications. This refers also to quality level, price, and security of supply.


Properties of graphite

NGS has got a thorough knowledge about graphite and related questions by a long years’ experience. On this basis we offer consulting service for graphite projects, evaluation of graphite ore deposits and graphite types and grades, graphite laboratory work, development of graphite technologies, operations analysis, instruction and training of management and operators for new projects. NGS will be your competent partner.


Graphite is the most stable modification of carbon. It is of silvery-grey to grey to black colour, often with a metal shine. We find the carbon atoms in layers in their crystal grid. This typical thin-plated structure is shown on the REM photograph of flake graphite at the right hand side of this page. Graphite has got a combination of very special material properties based on its crystal structure which are widely used in many applications of graphite.




REM photograph of flake graphite

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