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NGS is specialised on graphite. We are offering almost all types of graphite, consulting, research and development work for graphite projects, and laboratory service for graphite ore and graphite products.


Our product program includes almost all kind of graphite:

- flake graphite (macrocrystalline graphite)

- amorphous graphite (cryptocrystalline graphite)

- artificial graphite and electrode scrap

- graphite electrodes, graphite blocks, and graphite profiles

- special types of graphite


We are offering graphite as flakes, grains, powders, micronised powders, potato shape (spherical) graphite powders, suspensions, paste, rods, plates, foils, tapes, and special shapes. Our program includes further carbon products, such as coke, soot, and special carbon.



Expandable graphite, graphite foil, graphite packing, and graphite canvas

NGS Dragon Seal

Under the registered trademark Dragon Seal we have summarized our activities in the fields of expandable graphite and graphite foils.


Fields of application


•  Graphite foil without and with metal insert for seals, gaskets,

    tapes, bearings, etc…

•  Seals and gaskets made of graphite

•  Graphite packing made of graphite foil without and with metal 

   thread insert

•  Graphite canvas for wood polishing machinest

•  Expandable graphite

      as a flame retardant

- in plastic foams and plastic foils,

- in lacquers and paints,

- in underlay for carpets and in carpets,

- in electrical device and cables,

- in roof covers, doors, windows, and other wall openings

  for cables and pipes

- between fire walls and in ventilation systems

     for the foundry and steel industry

- for covering of molten metal and dyes

     for the lubricating industry

     for the electrical industry

- in batteries and in conductive lacquers

     for the chemical industry

- in master batches to increase the conductivity of plastic materials




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