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NGS - More than 50 years of Graphite Consulting and Sales

Graphite is available in many different forms for a variety of applications. We offer a wide range of graphite grades in different shapes depending on the application. With NGS you can also rely on expert advice, no matter whether you produce, trade or use the graphite yourself. 

Flake Graphite

Raw material in various shapes and sizes. 

  • Extremely large flakes for graphene
  • Spherical and microfine graphite powders

Expandable Graphite

Made from flake graphite, expanded or unblown.

  • Specialities made from fine powders
  • With low or high activation temperature
  • Expanded, powder with good formability

Shaped Parts of Artificial Graphite

Special products in different shapes.

  • Most different designs
  • Blocks, bars and profiles
  • Electrodes for various applications

Graphite Foils and Powders

Graphite formed into foils and sheets.

  • Graphite foils with special properties
  • Powder from clean graphite foil residues
  • Graphite plates