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  • Graphite Consulting

Graphite Consulting

NGS provides Expert Advice on all Questions about Graphite

NGS offers its expert advice and provides customers with the practical knowledge necessary for the successful introduction of flexible production methods. NGS thus ensures successful and profitable production.

NGS has been involved in most natural graphite projects around the world. We worked on the graphite ore deposits, tested graphite in our own NGS graphite laboratory and in collaboration with other specialized laboratories, initiated pilot trials, helped build and run plants. We ensured that the plants could be operated cost-effectively and reliably by providing meaningful management structures, production and quality control systems, and practice-oriented training for supervisors and operators.

We are happy to use our wide-ranging know-how to make your graphite projects successful.

Consulting Service for Graphite Producers, Dealers and Consumers

Graphite Producers

  • Prospecting, lab work, calculating and evaluating of graphite ore deposits
  • To find out best possible applications for different types of graphite
  • Marketing studies for graphite with special properties
  • Project studies, project planning, support, and implementation
  • Special projects for the improvement of operating plants
  • Special projects for high purification and micronising of graphite
  • To prevent damage of flakes, to achieve high utilisation of processing capacity
  • Quotation processing, acceptance and commissioning of plants
  • Effective control systems for production, cost, and quality
  • Assistance for organisation and training, motivation and cost saving programs

Graphite Dealers and Graphite Consumers

  • Lab work and evaluation of graphite types and grades
  • Consultancy and search for application areas and suitable graphite types