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Graphite Info

Carbon with Special Properties

In crystalline form, pure carbon exists as graphite, graphene, diamond and fullerene, all with the same aggregate state, but different physical and chemical properties.

Graphite is the most stable modification of carbon. It is of silvery-grey to grey to black colour, often with a metal shine. We find the carbon atoms in layers in their crystal grid. The crystal shapes range from hexagonal, tabular, flaky or needle-shaped, which affects the respective properties.

In graphite, the carbon atoms are arranged as a hexagonal planar lattice and are composed of several layers. If layers are only two-dimensional, they are called graphenes. Fullerenes, on the other hand, are hollow, closed molecules made up of carbon atoms in a pentagonal or hexagonal arrangement.


Due to its special structure, graphite has excellent material properties which are used in a wide variety of applications. The fields of application are versatile.

On the following pages, the processing possibilities of natural graphite, different types of graphite as well as different material properties with use for different applications are described in more detail.

Our sales programme covers a large number of different graphite raw materials. If you have any questions about graphite, we will be pleased to advise you.