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  • Expandable Graphite

Expandable Graphite

Expandable Graphite, Graphite Foil and Packs

In recent years, a large variety of expandable graphites has been developed which are suitable for the production of graphite foils, sheets, strips, gaskets, sleeves, bearings, moulded parts, etc.

Expandable graphite has penetrated a wide and promising range of applications. One focus today is on flame retardancy. In this case, three of its various properties are essentially utilised:

Firstly, when exposed to heat, it expands up to 375 times on certain grades and thus forms a very large surface, which enables rapid oxidation of the carbon. This removes oxygen from the ambient air and the air becomes inert. The air then acts as an extinguishing agent against the fire and suffocates it.

Secondly, graphite does not form flames and extinguishes when no more heat is supplied. Therefore, the graphite cannot cause a fire.

Thirdly, in some cases the enormous volume increase of the expandable graphite is used, so that with clever application plugs can be formed which prevent the fire from spreading.

Other fields of application include metallurgy, the electrical industry, the chemical industry and the lubricant industry.

Scanning electron microscope "SEM" images