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Graphite - Special Shapes

We offer further special shapes of natural graphite

Block Graphite

At some places of the ore deposit for Graphenium Flakes we find blocks of graphite with partly linear, straight-lined areas, partly of rounded clumsy disproportionate shape. Their size ranges from small to more than 30 mm.
Most of them are partly suitable for the preparation of graphene and for other applications.

Flaggy Flakes


Flaggy Flakes are available in 2 sizes:

  • Flaggy Flakes normal (5 - 15 mm long)
  • Flaggy Flakes extra-large (15 - 30 mm long)

They are very clean, thin, and bright shining flakes.
They are suitable for preparing graphene with wide areas, like Graphenium flakes.



Fishy Flakes

They are about 1 – 2 mm wide and 20 – 30 mm long.
They seem to be suitable for the preparation of wide graphene stripes.




They are less than 1 mm wide and 10 – 30 mm long.
They are suitable for the preparation of narrow graphene stripes.

All special shapes of natural graphite sometimes occur together with flake graphite and lump graphite. They are special types of graphite and very rare.