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  • Graphite Technology

Graphite Technology

Graphite - Specific Properties due to Special Treatment Processes

Graphite is a raw material with special properties. For graphite producers it is an economic necessity to produce exactly the goods that the market demands. Know-how is required here, because each graphite needs its own special preparation in order to fully benefit from its advantages. NGS can supply the needed support.

If you think that you should develop your processes for the treatment of graphite further in order to improve the quality of the current production or to develop more profitable products, please contact NGS. In many development and optimization processes, supported by our own graphite laboratory, we have built up extensive, well-founded know-how in the field of graphite preparation and graphite properties


Processing Facilities

Processing facilities should be able to produce all grades required by the market, provided that the graphite ore permits it. A constant level of quality, the highest possible proportion of flakes in the concentrate, and economical operation are basic requirements.

High Purification of Flake Graphite

The C content of flake graphite can be increased from 99 up to 99.99% by special purification processes. The flakes are chemically cleaned and partly heat-treated.

Pulverization of Graphite

The increasing use of finest graphite powders up to ultrafine graphite powders requires a special finest grinding in order to cover the demand.

Expanding of Graphite

By expanding graphite by means of thermal treatment, the crystal structure of the graphite is destroyed  This results in an enormous increase in volume, a very large surface area and excellent formability.