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  • Graphite Types

Graphite Types

Graphite - a Natural Product with Different Characteristics

Worldwide there are numerous sites where graphite can be found, but with different economic importance. Natural graphite occurs in different forms or types. In addition to natural graphite, artificial graphite or recycled graphite is also of interest as a raw material for various purposes. NGS supports you in selecting the right graphite type with the corresponding properties for your application.

Flake Graphite

Flake graphite, a macrocrystalline natural graphite, is the raw material for highly purified and finely grinded colloidal graphite and expanded graphite. Highly purified and finely grinded colloidal graphite is offered as dry powder as well as in suspensions in water or oil and as paste. Expandable graphite is available unblown and expanded.

Amorphous Graphite

Amorphous graphite, a microcrystalline natural graphite, is an inexpensive graphite with special properties, which is often used in foundries, for the refractory sector, in steel works, for the production of seamless pipes, for brake linings and pencils. Amorphous graphite is offered as powder, compressed and as lumps.

Natural Graphite with Special Structures

This graphite is mainly produced in Sri Lanka. However, there are also deposits in other parts of the world. We know lumps, grains, special flakes and powders.

Artificial Graphite

Artificial graphite is produced industrially from petroleum coke as raw material. Mouldings such as electrodes, cylinders and blocks are graphitised in an energy- and time-consuming process.

Scrap from Graphite Products

Scrap from graphite electrodes, mouldings and linings is a desired product. The graphite, which is produced during the machining of new electrodes, is sold as grain and powder. The grains are mainly used for carburizing steel and cast iron. Powders are used in many industries in fine-grained or colloidal graphite form.

Graphite Varieties

From the mineralogical point of view, there are other graphite grades, such as hard coal coke, petroleum coke, carbon black, and certain kinds of activated carbon. We have these grades in our sales program.