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  • Graphite Properties and Use

Properties and Use

Graphite - Versatile Applications due to Different Properties

NGS is specialized in graphite. We have been working on many graphite projects all over the world. Therefore we know the properties, advantages and disadvantages of graphite from all continents very well. You know: There is no good or bad graphite, only well suited or unsuitable graphite for a specific purpose. Graphite can be used in numerous applications.

Mechanical Mobility

Very good mechanical mobility between the layers of the crystal lattice

  • lubricants, release agents
  • greases, bonded coatings
  • magnetic tapes
  • gaskets
  • friction linings
  • bearings
  • pump parts
  • lead pencil, paints

Electrical Conductivity

Excellent conductivity due to free electrons

  • carbon brushes
  • conductive lacquers
  • alkaline batteries
  • cable coatings
  • antistatic plastics and rubbers
  • conductive surfaces

Thermal Conductivity

Excellent heat conduction for special requirements

  • brake pads
  • clutch disks
  • heat exchanger

Chemical Stability

High resistance to most chemical agents

  • refractory products, moulds and crucibles
  • chemical apparatus engineering
  • electrodes
  • electrolysis

Chemical Reactivity

  • iron powder metallurgy
  • hard metal alloys

Catalytic Properties

  • fuel cells
  • heterogeneous reactions

Expanding Properties

Volume increase of graphite after acid treatment

  • for covering metal melts and lids for moulds
  • graphite foils, sheets, tapes
  • graphite gaskets and sleeves
  • packings, bearings and mouldings

For fire protection

  • in plastic foams and foils
  • in Unterlagen für Bodenbeläge
  • in buildings, for roofs
  • in windows, doors, culverts
  • between firewalls
  • in electrical installations
  • in ventilation systems
  • in masterbatches, paints and lacquers
  • in batteries and lubricants