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Graphite Laboratory

The NGS Graphite Laboratory offers a wide range of services

The quality of graphite needs permanent control. The test results are requested to be at hand as quick as possible because we all work under time pressure. The examinations have to be carried out by experts to get meaningful and trustworthy results. This is the reason why we started our own graphite lab for our quality control and as a support for our graphite projects. This graphite lab is open for our customers as well.

Graphite Lab Service for Graphite Producers, Dealers, and Consumers

Examination and evaluation of graphite grades and graphite ores

Development and improvement of graphite processing at lab scale and at existing plants, e.g.:

  • Beneficiation
    many flotation plants destroy the flakes
  • High purification by flotation process
    to achieve high carbon contents by flotation
  • High purification of graphite
    by various cold and hot chemical methods
  • Improvements for drying, screening, packing, and dust collecting
  • Pulverization of graphite
    dry and in liquids
  • Micronising of graphite
    micron range grinding
  • Expandable graphite
    develop and identify best suitable types for special applications
  • Graphite foil and packings
    raw material, design and know-how

Development of new technologies for the production and application of graphite

Improvement of working and environmental conditions for processing of graphite



NGS Lab Service Procedure



Step 1: Preliminary examinations


Find out the properties, chances, advantages, and disadvantages of the flake graphite ore and its final graphite products.

Examination of the raw ore
We measure grain sizes, size fractions, moisture, volatile matter, loss on ignition (LOI), fixed carbon content, and ash content of the different size fractions after preparation of the raw ore for the flotation process. Microscopical analysis and HCl-test are also performed.

Preliminary standardized flotation tests at lab scale

We perform standardized flotation tests and measure the particle size distribution before and after processing of the graphite to be able to evaluate the quality of the flotation process and its impact on the particle size.

Other examinations and observations
We examine the different particle sizes of the graphite ore, the final products, and the waste sand under the microscope to determine the shape of the graphite particles and natural mineral impurities of the flake graphite.

Test report

It includes all observations, advantages, and disadvantages noted during the tests with the graphite ore and at the graphite products. We add recommendations for further tests to get more information about the properties of your graphite products, if advisable.

We discuss in depth for which applications and industries the examined graphite would be suitable or not. You will get a flow sheet for the process and a rough idea which equipment will be necessary for the processing plant.

We comment for which application the tested type of flake graphite is suitable or not and recommend further tests, if applicable.



Step 2: Detailed examinations

Determination of suitable applications.

Chemical purification test with your flotation concentrate
We offer tests for the chemical purification of your flake graphite flotation concentrate gained by the first flotation test at lab scale.

This test will show if it is possible to achieve a purity of 99.95 % of loss on ignition (LOI) with your flake graphite by application of the simplest and cheapest possible chemical purification process. This is a requirement for spherical graphite as used in Li-Ion-Batteries.

Preparation and expansion of expandable graphite

Expandable graphite is mainly needed to produce graphite foil and for flame retarding. Carbon content of 99 % min. for the flake graphite is required to be used for the production of graphite foil and for high performance expandable graphite for flame retarding.

Different methods of preparation of expandable graphite are tested and the graphite finally expanded
Producers’ actual methods of preparation.
Tests with alternative oxidizers and acids.
Tests with ancillary intercalation reagents.
Tests with additional application of ultrasound.

The tests yield indications for the best suitable method of preparation for a certain type of flake graphite and which expansion volume can be achieved at which expansion temperature. All tests and observations are documented in a detailed test report.